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Plots of land are fully etched into the Ugandan psyche, it is an agreed path to adulthood that you shall grow up, get a job, wife, land and car in no particular order to satisfy the Ugandan dream. We have received numerous requests for land suitable for settlement and we have decided to cherry pick five locations that we think are affordable in the short and medium term for development. The locations are ideal for development and good for land traders.

28 kilometers from the city centre with two alternative routes, Masaka road branching off Gombe and Entebbe road branching off Kitende through Sisa and you use the Nakawuka road. Largely considered a rural area, the outlook is slowly changing as the city invades the village. With stunning lake views and neighboring Nakiwogo landing site which is soon having her access roads upgraded. Two years ago, land was retailing at 5,000,000 for 11.5 decimals (50 by100ft). Land tenure is mainly Private Mailo Land. With many parastatal bodies, UN and other SACCO’s using land sharing schemes to own tracts of estate, you will be in business acquiring yourself a plot for later resale or future retirement at the Lake.

Kampala’s most ignored real estate goldmine. Located nine (9) kilometers from the city center. You can access Kitezi through the Gayaza road, use the Mpererwe, Kiti – Buwambo road. You can join Bombo road and access the YMCA branch in Gayaza, similarly you can get through to Kasangati using the Bobi Wine road. Recently a friend acquired half an acre at 15,000,000 and that is hard to believe this is less than 15km from the Central Business District. Plots of 11.5 (100 by 50ft) decimals range from 15 (Buwambo) to 35 (Bamba) million. The road network is appallingly ignored but that is expected to improve as the pressure of Urbanization invades. Land tenure is mainly Private Mailo Land. The non-exposure of this location remains criminal given all her neighbors are high value like KomaMboga, Gayaza, Kalerwe. Ideal for private residential use soon rentals.

Uncle Joe just has a few plots left for sale in the premium estate in Bamba Mpererwe. His advice is get one at 35 million before you can’t afford one at a billion. This is located a minor 12km from the city centre off the Kiti Buwambo road with a road link to Kasangati.

Located 9.0 kilometers from the Central Business District. On the Kampala Gulu Highway also known as Bombo Road. Within Kawempe Municipality. Being part of the Republic, the place is populated and must be among the most densely populated parts of Kampala. Due to slum presence and unplanned housing, the price of housing has stagnated. Reputation as a flood plain persists despite it being a myth. Land fragmentation is endemic and almost all land is sold exclusively by mutual agreement. The land tenure is leasehold held by the Buganda Land board. Unlike other suburbs, plots can be as small as 25 by 50 ft. The basic amenities have in turn struggled to keep up. A plot of 11.5 (50 by 100 ft) decimals, has been on the market retailing for a measly 35,000,000. Suitable for rentals as proximity to the city makes it a popular location.

Matugga is the starting point of the Matugga-Kapeeka Road, a 42 kilometers (26 mi) tarmacked road connecting the towns of Matugga, Gombe, Semuto, and Kapeeka. Matugga is located 21 kilometers from the City Center. Largely still a rural location, largely ignored. Unbelievably some parts of Matugga are unbelievably cheap. Jagala town has an acre retailing for 32 million (yes an acre), basically acres come between 25 to 100 million. Which sounds and feels like a discount to my ears. Land tenure is Private mailo and huge chunks are still family owned and Bibanja holders are numerous. Making it a worthy location for property developers.

Ndejje not to be mistaken with the educational complex in Luweero, this is located in the newly created Sabagabo municipality. 13 kilometers from the Central Business District. This is located on Entebbe road branching off Najjanankumbi behind Namasuba. Bordering Kigo and the other mentioned areas. Ndejje includes Kibutikira, Gangu, Kikajjo. Most land tenure here is leasehold and certified by the Buganda Land board. Plots range from 25 to 45 million for 11.5 (50 by 100 ft) decimals. This makes this location cheaper as regards to relativity. Making it an ideal location to own Real Estate. The land is suitable for rentals and single hose use.



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